The Bubble Challenge Basic

35 Bubbles
It has15 large bubbles and 20 small ones. The bubble shapes vary in size from 3 to 9.
There are 87 unique shapes in the puzzle. Before starting click the links below. It is important to know the shapes.

Shapes 1 to 24        Shapes 25 to 48        Shapes 49 to 72       Shapes 73 to 87

The object of the challenge!
Initially, 10 of the bubbles are filled in. they are "RED" and can not be changed.
The object of the challenge is to fill the remaining bubbles with the numbers 0 to 9.
The player receives points for each shape that contains no duplicate numbers in it.
The larger the shape the higher the points.
Enjoy the art and poetry available if you can score high enough to view them.
The demo Puzzleid is
STOCF00174 Password is 0601684273    these games played using this ID and password are strickly for practice.

You must fill in ALL the fields with an asterisk using your Puzzle ID and Password from the sticker you received. Then hit the button called "PLAY"

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